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Oudomxay 5000t/d Cement Production Line Project

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Jiangsu Lvsen Cement Electromechnical Technology Co.,Ltd is the EPC constructor for Oudomaxay 5000t/d Cement Production Line Project in Lao PDR.

Experiencing harsh local condition , Jiangsu Lvsen’s talented engineers have solved a large number of bottelneck problems,including but not limited to local heavy and sustained rainfall,lack of stable electricity power supply and extremely limited local traffic capacity. Adverse conditions are overcomed. Civil construction and installation work are currently running efficiently days and nights in order to win more benefit for our owner.

This project is located near Namor city in Northern part of Lao. Our advanced technology will supply high quality cement product for local construction demand of high speed road, highspeed railway,airport and tunnels projects. Jiangsu Lvsen’s people is fighting for our contribution in the great vision of "the Belt and Road Initiatives".

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